Part 1: The Recipe for a Record

In which we send two producers to Moscow, two tracks to London, and eat the finest Arancini this side of Palermo.

Record… I’ve teamed up with producers Chris Boot and Ben Daniel to bring you this record, created in a living room on Goldsmid Road, Brighton. Don’t tell anyone, but if you listen hard enough, you may just hear the number 7 bus pass by. But anyone who knows Chris and Ben knows these songs are in seriously safe hands. We finish our first stint of recording, (where drummer Chris plays the banjo for the first time!) just in time for the guys to jump on a plane to Russia and perform with Lucy Rose. Weather in Moscow- a balmy 24C. Lucky, Ben lost his shorts in India.

Mix… Tobin Jones doesn’t want to know about the records that you want your’s to sound like. He wants to know the stories behind the songs, the colours, where you were. We meet in London at my Green Note show and talk about baby names and vintage tape delays. 4 mix revisions later and ‘Don’t Know Much’ and ‘Keep You in Light’ are ready to be mastered. 

Master… (Arancini) Total superstar Poppy Ackroyd is arranging and performing strings. Please listen to her music and see her live, I believe there’s a Berlin show soon. We listen to Tobin’s mixes in her studio, just so happening to coincide this with the end of ‘Italian month’ where Poppy and her boyfriend Joe have been perfecting Italian recipes. The finale; ‘Sicilian Night!’ We feast on the best food I’ve had since the ferry from Catania. A return to Italy is definitely on the cards for 2018’s tour!