Joy loves funk. Do all babies love funk? Surely.

Right now ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’ is a pretty big hit.

Hello from the window of our local coffee shop! Like the golden leaves on the pavement outside, my new single has DROPPED. Bang! Boom! Caplonk! Splat!

After a year of mailing handmade packages to my favourite record labels, hearing exciting words and deafening radio silences and spending 2 months chained to a desk solidly working on funding applications, I’m beyond delighted to have now begun releasing new music with a brilliant team behind me.

‘Baby You’re the One’, featuring string arrangement by my wonderful friend Poppy Ackroyd, was recorded on Goldsmid road, Brighton, in the pouring rain as the number 7 bus roared past, drenching passers-by. A love song dedicated to those who stick around when at times “We all come undone”. The artwork, by illustrator Becky Lu, tells the story through it’s intricate depiction of the night sky’s constellation. It’s part of a series of 4 prints belonging to each single I’ll be releasing from my forthcoming album ‘285 Days’.

Listen on Spotify!

Hoping this finds your fine souls well! With love, M.