I love Brighton. The September mornings when the sea is completely flat and so crystal clear that you could be in Greece. The bank of sand that appears in spring tides like a secret pathway. The train station. The seafront arcades in winter- all baggy and boarded up. Walking through the south lanes at closing time when the jewellers pack away diamond rings from shop windows.

I’m not from here. A friend from school had a flat here and somehow I ended up spending a University summer holiday living in her spare room, working at a bar (Pitcher and Piano!!) and playing singer-songwriter nights. This was the first place I’d been that playing other people’s songs was not cool. You were meant to play your own songs. You were meant to be yourself. I played all sorts of nooks and crannies- the Joogleberry, the Sanctuary… I started listening to Emilíana Torrini, wore pink sunglasses and met lots of strangers who became friends. I went from Brighton to Nottingham, to Asia, Australia, South America, New Zealand and Berlin. 8 years later, one dark winter night in our flat in Neukoelln, Ali and I decided to give the UK a go and came to this seaside townin the spring, as newly-weds.

This month I release ‘285 Days – RETOLD’ a collection of remixes created by some of my favourite composers and producers, plus one track that I’ve remixed myself. I love the idea that the stories behind my songs have been re-told through the minds of these artists; that we’ve all taken the threads from each song and re-woven them. When it came to creating a video for Poppy’s ‘retelling’ of my track, ‘Keep You in Light’, I was thrilled to work with Georgie d’Albiac Brewin whose created this beautiful film of our city. We all call Brighton home. Poppy and Georgie are two people who, aside from me admiring their work, are very much part of our family here. I hope you enjoy this collaboration! You can pre-order your digital or hard copy via the link below, I can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve all done!